Mint-Café on 27.4.2023 for female pupils and students

Attention female students of the first semester! What is currently being researched on the rail vehicle system? What do I have to study to work in rail technology later? What can I expect during my studies?
The Institute of Rail Vehicles and Transportation Systems (IFS) at RWTH Aachen University invites all interested female students to the MINT-Café as part of Girl's Day to find out all the questions about studying and the professional life of a female engineer!
Interested female students of the first semester are also cordially invited to get an impression of our field of study! After a short tour through our institute, we will introduce the study program and our department. Afterwards, you can exchange ideas with female students and engineers from the industry in a convivial atmosphere with a snack and a drink.
The café will take place on 27.4.2023 from 16:30 in the seminar room of the IFS.

We ask for prior registration under