Design and development

  • Optimisation of existing designs with scientific design methods
  • Design of components and assemblies
  • Support in the product development process (process analysis and optimisation, standardisation and modularisation of products, rationalisation)
  • Performance and moderation of creativity workshops, like brainstorming or Delphi method

Computation and simulation

  • Simulation of dynamic processes of mechanic and mechatronic systems by means of multibody system simulation (MBS)
  • Proof of structural integrity, according to the FKM regulation among others, by means of the finite element method (FEM)
  • Multibody system simulation with elastic bodies

Measurements and tests

  • Strength and vibration tests on the single-axis servo-hydraulic or the electrodynamic vibration test benches
  • Running behaviour tests on the single-axis rolling test bench
  • Traction, breaking and creep tests on the single wheel test bench
  • Ballast pick-up simulation on the catapult test unit with high speed camera
  • Simple measurements of the acoustic pressure level in the acoustically dead chamber
  • Driving dynamics tests of rail vehicles and conveyors
  • Development of customer-specific test rigs and performance of measurements

Expert reports, consultancy

  • Preparation of technical specifications
  • Database search according to the state of the art, patent research
  • Generation of expert reports
  • Consultancy regarding technical problems