The RWTH and the Rhenish Mining Region, Episode 4: Mobility

With the film series "Structure + Change. RWTH and the Rhenish Mining District", RWTH highlights scientific approaches for the mining district and beyond.

The fourth episode, "Mobility," deals with the question of how we humans will or would like to get around in the future. Exciting research concepts, including the current IFS initiative, are presented.



18th International Rail Vehicle Conference - Dresden, 22. - 24. September 2021

Der Aachener Rail Shuttle - Erschließung des ländlichen Raums mit fahrerlosen Schienenbussen

Presentation: Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. C. Schindler, IFS RWTH Aachen

2nd International Conference on Rail Transportation - Chengdu, VR China, 05. - 06. Juli 2021

Automated Road-Rail Vehicle for In-plant Shunting of Rolling Stock

Presentation: Hyun-Suk Jung, M.S., IFS RWTH Aachen