Testing facilities

IFS track facility

The IFS owns a track facility of several hundred meters, situated right at the Aachen West train station. It is possible to connect it to the public railway network through a railway switch in order to drive vehicles in and out. The track facility is a railway siding under the BOA (ordinance on the construction and operation of branch lines). On the institute-owned track, test and measuring runs can be carried out to some extent. The track in front of the workshop is suitable for the representation of level crossing scenarios.


Test and validation centre, Wegberg-Wildenrath (PCW)

High-speed long-distance test runs are carried out on the long test tracks at the test and validation centre Wegberg-Wildenrath (PCW). Two test rings T1 and T2 and several other test tracks are available there. The facility in Wildenrath has different power supply and train protection systems. In addition, the future satellite navigation system Galileo can already be used through the railGATE installed there.


Aldenhoven Testing Centre for automotive tests ATC/CERM

The Aldenhoven Testing Centre for automotive tests of the RWTH Aachen University can be used for road-based tests. Urban traffic situations can be reproduced at the CERM-research intersection and the connection among the different road users (pedestrians, automobile, bus, tram) can be investigated. Besides the extensive V2X-infrastructure, it is possible with the automotiveGATE to use Galileo here as well.