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Project, bachelor's and master's theses

You can find here a selection of project, bachelor’s and master’s theses. Many of them can be written either as bachelor’s or master’s thesis upon agreement.

The currently available topics are listed below. Further details with the contact information of the corresponding contact person appear by clicking on them.

Algorithmus zur Ermittlung der Unrundheit von Schienenfahrzeugrädern

Simulation eines Prüfstandes in Gazebo ROS

Wirtschaftliche Betrachtung des Einsatzes von Leichtbaudrehgestellen im Schienengüterverkehr

Konstruktion eines Einzelrad-Doppelfahrwerks aus GFK 

Conception of a precisely positionable camera mounting system for an optical measuring system

Implementation of an algorithm for Lidar-based monitoring the Berne Rectangle during automated coupling process with ROS & Gazebo

Trolley Conveyors – Steel Wheel or Roller Guided Systems

Cable Cars – Steel Wheel or Roller Guided Systems

Potentialanalyse „Fahren auf Sicht“

Simulative Investigation on Sub-surface Crack Propagation in Railway Wheels

Analysis of sensor technology in tram vehicles

Construction of a Hot Water Applicator for Vegetation Control on Railway Tracks

Implementation of an obstacle detection system in an autonomous model train

Study concerning Alternative Methods for Chemical Vegetation Control on Railway Tracks

Vehicle-based obstacle detection

Recherche von Anschlussbahnen mit Rangierbetrieb und Analyse des Automatisierungspotenzials

Re -and Derailing of an autonomous road-rail shunting vehicle using Computer Vision – Concept design and validation with robotic simulation (Gazebo /ROS)

Analyse des Fehlers in der Normal-Kontaktfläche durch die Verwendung eines Schienenrads im Vergleich zu einer Schiene