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Prof. Schindler is happy about 2 new book publications

A large book project under the direction of Prof. Frenz (Fac. 5 of the RWTH) was crowned with a grand finale this week. After about one year of work, the "Handbook Industry 4.0: Law, Technology and Society" has now been published. Numerous RWTH professors and staff members contributed to the 1500-page compendium with their contributions on the topic from the perspective of their field. The chapter "Rail Transport Technology 4.0" can be found on pages 719-757.

Schindler is even more proud of a small technical book that he wrote with his student Pascal Gil and that the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV), through its in-house publisher Beka, has published. It is an "Analysis of the tram and light rail systems in Europe from a technical and economic point of view". The book was written as part of a bachelor's thesis, which was written and edited at IFS.

The books can be used in the reference library of the IFS and extracts can be copied for personal use.