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Conveyor technology

Due to the globalisation and the worldwide trade, a great importance should be attached not only to the vehicle technology but also to the material handling technology. At the IFS we do not consider ourselves to be specialists in logistics, but in vehicle technology. Since the technology used in the field of the discontinuous conveyors is often related to the technology of rail vehicles, we concentrate on this research field as well. Like rail vehicles, many discontinuous conveyors are often rail-guided. The requirement of lightweight construction is at least as important as in the vehicle technology. The lot sizes and the business model are similar to the railway sector in many respects.

Mobile working machinery

Mobile working machines are used in the agricultural, construction and forestry industries and also for the track construction as road-rail vehicles. From the point of view of the material handling technology they belong to the discontinuous conveyors. At the IFS we develop assistance systems and lightweight solutions for these vehicles.

Stacker cranes

With the rapid growth of the internet-based mail-order trade the requirements of the material flow technology have increased. Especially the field of intralogistics is a growth market. Large logistics centres are being constructed at German highway crossings. The goods are stored there in high-rise racks and this process requires increasingly powerful conveyor vehicles.

At the IFS we develop high-end conveyor vehicles using state-of-the-art construction methods. Our expertise in systems engineering, track guidance technology, lightweight design and structural mechanics enables us to support the intralogistics sector with vehicle know-how.